Monday, 25 February 2013

Only Connect!

I have been irregular here, and one would surmise than I have been busy with other things. Although that would be partially true, it would be absurd to think that I didn't read any books in the meantime. The prospect of an important foreign language exam was looming near at the turn of the year, with promises of a move (for a short time) to one of the great cities of my dreams. And although I did rue the fact of taking a difficult test in a very short notice, I was secretly apprehensive of the whole prospect falling through. Hence, partly because of apprehension, and partly for uncalled for anxiety, I failed to read as much as I could, and refused to write at all. When the move did happen after all, I was so busy to soak in my new experiences, that again I couldn't read as much as I would usually have. At times, the book I was reading would lie propped up in my hand as I saw the receding Spree from the S-Bahn window. Nevertheless, the overt adventures are over, and I'm reading voraciously again. With the reading, I'm also promising myself to write here about all that I read. I hope I'll keep up to my promise.

To make things more organised, I have decided to shift my monthly entry of books that I've read in the previous month from my more regular blog to here. It would only make more sense to enumerate on books that I've read or bought in a blog which deals exclusively with books. For what else does life have to offer, other than fiction -- pleasurable, fleeting, disappointing and unreal? And to make up for all its discrepancies, it brings a bonus of the smell of pages -- fresh or old; innocent or experienced.


  1. I keep noticing these wonderful quotes and pictures that you put up on Facebook and eventually the post actually made me go through your blogs. They made me realise how much I loved the printed word and how much I had been ignoring my innate "voraciousness" for quite sometime. Thank you for bringing it all back to me. The yearning is back for sure and I am hopeful that it will last long enough to not be ignored once again.

    1. Hello Asmita di! Thank you for reading this and for writing back. I'm so glad that this has inspired your innate "voraciousness". Now that it's back, I'm sure it'll stay put. :)